What are the three main types of cork flooring?

What are the three main types of cork flooring?

Pure cork floor. Thickness in 4, 5 mm, from the color of the very rough, primitive, there is no fixed pattern. Its greatest feature is made of pure cork. Its installation adopts sticking type, i.e. sticking on the ground directly with special glue. The construction technology is relatively complex, and the requirement for the levelness of the ground is also high.

Cork mute floor. It is a combination of cork and laminated floor. It adds a layer of cork about 2 mm to the bottom of ordinary laminated floor. Its thickness can reach 13.4 mm. When people walk on it, the bottom cork can absorb part of the sound and play a role in reducing the sound.

Cork floor. From the section, there are three layers, the surface and the bottom are made of natural cork. The middle layer is sandwiched with a locking HDF board, the thickness can reach 11.8 mm. The surface and the bottom are elastic and strong after special treatment, and the flexibility and HDF board are consistent, which greatly enhance the stability of this floor.
Two layers of cork inside and outside can achieve a good silence effect. The surface cork is also coated with special high-grade flexible paint, which not only reflects the texture of cork, but also plays a very good protective role. At the same time, this kind of floor uses locking technology, fully guarantees the tightness and smoothness of floor splicing, and can directly adopt suspension paving method.

Post time: Jun-13-2022