The world popular floor surface technology

The world popular floor surface technology

There are several most popular solid wood floor surface treatment processes in the world. Learn more about the world’s popular floor surface treatment processes such as painting, oiling, saw marks, antique, and handwork.
The manufacturer uses a large-scale paint production line to spray the floor with a uniform surface gloss and a certain gloss, which looks very clean and comfortable. Nowadays, almost all paints are added with UV protection to protect the floor from discoloration due to ultraviolet rays.
The biggest advantage of a painted product is that it is very easy to clean, not easy to retain dust, and almost no maintenance is required. But it is also easier to be scratched by sharp objects and cannot be repaired.
Oiling is generally done by hand. Natural oil or wood wax oil is hand rubbed into the wood. It has almost no luster, looks more natural and has a more natural texture. The stepping feeling is almost infinitely close to the log.
The biggest advantage of oiled products is that it has an excellent stepping feeling, and it is the most environmentally friendly surface treatment method now, and it is easier to repair after the surface is scratched, but it needs maintenance every 6 months.

Antique craft
Antique craft floor is a craft of artificially making the floor old. It often appears at the same time as the drawing process. Although the antique floor has the word antique, in the actual decoration process, the antique floor is matched with modern home furnishings. The changes have given the home a sense of age in addition to being modern. Antique flooring is mostly the favorite of designers.
The advantage is that the design is full and the sensory contrast is very strong, but the surface of the drawing process will still feel a little rough compared to the handmade floor.
Pure handmade craftsmanship
The highest craftsmanship in the floor craft, the surface treatment is completely done by hand, and now only one floor manufacturer in Italy can produce it.

Floor crafts include not only the above crafting methods, but also hand-scratched floors, metallic paint floors, carbonized floors, etc., but since these crafts are outdated, we don’t need to elaborate.

Post time: Aug-29-2022