Precautions before flooring

Precautions before flooring

We will decorate the floor in the decoration, the room with the floor is particularly beautiful, both use value and ornamental value, create a warm atmosphere, for the floor, we need to pay attention to some details, so that the floor is good-looking, the quality of life will improve oh.

Before installing the floor, clean the water on the floor, do not leave any moisture, especially on the cement floor. More attention should be paid to the removal of moisture. If the water is not cleaned, the floor will crack, so dry floor can be laid.

Closed water experiment
When there is no water on the ground, a closed water experiment should be carried out, mainly in the kitchen and toilet. After the doors and windows are installed, the reserved height of the door and the ground should be ensured.

Between the floor and the wall, there should be some gaps, which can not be fully paved. The gaps are about 5 to 10 mm.

When laying the floor, the floor can be pre-laid. The purpose of pre-laying is to avoid too much contrast and can be done by hand. At this time, the pattern surface of the floor should be upward, while the pattern surface of the electric saw is downward.

Glue installation
The groove of the floor should be evenly glued first, and then another floor should be installed at the groove. Hammers are used to knock square bricks to make the space between the floor and the floor smaller.

Skirting line
After the floor is installed, the kicking line can be installed. Firstly, drill holes, pay attention to the wiring of water and electricity, the drilling interval should not be too large, otherwise, it is difficult to stick the kicking line on the wall.

Waiting for natural air drying
After all the above steps have been completed, we should wait for a period of time to dry the glue. The ideal time is more than one day.

Post time: Jun-13-2022