Parquet Flooring: Care & Maintenance

Parquet Flooring: Care & Maintenance

Parquet flooring offers elegance and style to a home. Whether it’s a geometric pattern, chevron style or intricate puzzle pattern, this distinctive hardwood flooring requires regular care to maintain its beauty. Maintenance is similar to other hardwood flooring care. Our ServiceMaster Clean flooring clean specialists share tips for how to clean parquet floors to help keep them looking great in between professional cleanings.

Parquet Floor Care

Like other hardwood, parquet needs regular care to remove dirt, dust and the grime that collects daily. From pet hair to particulates carried in from outdoors, flooring collects a variety of debris and dirt that is best removed with a vacuum. When cleaning the floor with a vacuum, always set it to a hard floor or bare floor setting. Avoid using the rotating beater bar on your hardwood parquet floors as it may cause scratches. If your vacuum doesn’t have a hard or bare floor setting, use the soft brush attachment. High traffic areas such as entrances and hallways may need vacuuming several times weekly.

Beyond the Vacuum: How to Clean Parquet Flooring

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommended instructions when cleaning parquet floors in your home. Like other hardwood flooring, parquet can be damaged by harsh chemicals such as bleach and ammonia. Avoid any cleaning agent that is acidic and has abrasives. Opt for a parquet floor cleaning solution that meets your manufacturer’s recommendations.

Another option is to lightly damp mop without any cleaning agents. Parquet flooring should never be saturated or it will be damaged. Use a sponge mop that can be wrung to slightly damp. Mop the floor and allow to air dry thoroughly before replacing any furniture.

Floor Care Tips

When spills happen it’s important to clean the area immediately to help reduce and/or eliminate any staining. Remove all solids with a clean cloth or paper towel before blotting as much of the liquid as possible. You want to keep the liquid from seeping into the wood and the joints, which can create stains that are more difficult to remove. The longer the stain sets, the more difficult it’s to remove.

Help avoid scuffs, scratches and dents on your flooring by placing protective felt feet under furniture, especially heavy items such as sofas, bookcases and entertainment units. Trim your pet’s nails to help minimise scratches as well.

To keep excess dirt and allergens from tracking across the flooring, place mats at entry doors. Dry mop the parquet in between vacuuming to keep the beautiful wood flooring looking clean and fresh.

Any flooring can experience some fading when exposed daily to direct sunlight. Shade your flooring with curtains or blinds.

At least once or twice a year, have your specialised flooring professional cleaned. Our ServiceMaster Clean teams will come in and clean your specialist flooring, reviving it and returning it to its original beauty. 

Post time: Sep-16-2022