Maintenance Method of Wood Floor in Summer

Maintenance Method of Wood Floor in Summer

With the advent of summer, the air is hot and humid, and the wooden floor in the house also suffers from the sun and humidity. Must carry on the reasonable maintenance only then, now teaches everybody how to avoid the wooden floor to appear the dry crack, arches and so on distortion phenomenon.

Wood Floor Maintenance
Solid wood floor drying dehumidification, in daily use, pure solid wood floor and solid wood multi-storey floor maintenance methods are actually similar. Solid wood flooring is suitable for room temperature of 20-30 C, and humidity should be kept at 30-65%. The humidity is high, the floor is easy to drum; the air is too dry, and the floor may be seamed. Keep a humidity meter at home. It’s rainy and humid in summer. Keep windows open and ventilated frequently. If necessary, dehumidification should be carried out, but air conditioning should be avoided to blow directly to the floor. If the floor is seriously deformed, it may be that there are problems on the floor or the wall, one or two floors can be opened for inspection, and measures can be taken to find out the causes of dampness in time. In the sun-exposed weather, the floor is prone to paint loss and discoloration. At this time, we should pay attention to the door and window shade and sun protection, if necessary, cover the sunburnt area with blankets.

There are many kinds of floor maintenance products on the market. It’s better not to wax them. Wax oil only forms a protective film on the surface of the floor and is prone to slippage. Resin oil products are the best choice. These products can moisturize the interior of the floor and prevent cracking and paint dropping. It is better to take care of them once a year when changing seasons.

Strengthened flooring is most afraid of moisture. Compared with solid wood flooring, reinforced flooring is most afraid of being eroded by moisture and bulging. In summer, it is necessary to control the moisture content of air and avoid using a lot of water when wiping the floor. Floor slight drum can generally self-repair, if the situation is more serious, it is best to ask professional adjustment, maintenance should be carried out at constant humidity. Generally speaking, it is normal for the floor to appear bulging or cracking in the first year after installation, and the probability of this kind of situation will be much lower after one year.

Post time: Jun-13-2022