How to maintain solid wood flooring in winter?

How to maintain solid wood flooring in winter?

Solid wood floor is a bright spot of modern home decoration. Not only because wood flooring makes people feel friendly and comfortable, but also solid wood flooring is a representative of environmental protection, high-end decoration, so many families will choose solid wood flooring when decorating. But wood flooring is vulnerable to external scraping, rubbing, peeling, peeling and other damage, so it needs irregular cleaning and effective maintenance to make the wood flooring always bright as new, so how to maintain the solid wood flooring in winter?

Winter Wood Floor Maintenance Should Be Suitable
Strengthened Floor: Maintenance is relatively simple. Generally speaking, the winter is dry, should be like protecting human skin, to maintain the moisture content of reinforced wood flooring, can often be wiped with a wet mop to increase surface humidity. If the laminated wood floor is chapped, it is suggested that professionals should be invited to perform local “surgery” to fill it. Strengthened wood flooring is not as luxurious as solid wood flooring, but it is popular because of its high quality, low cost and simple maintenance.

Wax solid wood flooring once in winter
Solid wood flooring with its natural texture, high durability can get a lot of consumer favorite. But geothermal heating users who have used solid wood floors may find cracks in the floor after a winter and summer. Experts said that to solve this problem, consumers should wax the floor solid.
The interior of solid wood flooring often retains a certain amount of moisture. In the case of geothermal heating in winter, the floor shrinks and the seams between floors will increase. At this time, the floor with solid wax, will reduce the expansion of the gap.

Room humidity is 50%-60%
Winter climate is dry, as far as possible to shorten the window opening time, indoor appropriate increase in humidity, not only benefits people living, but also helps to maintain the floor.
Many owners may think that in winter, let the outside air in, the temperature of the city drops, and the phenomenon of floor seams will naturally weaken. In this regard, experts say that the real reason for the floor seams is humidity, not temperature. In addition, the higher the air temperature, the more water in the saturated state, that is to say, the humidity inside the house is higher than outside in winter. At this time, the cold air from outside will only make the room drier. It is very direct and effective to equip an air humidifier. Experts revealed that the humidity of the room is best controlled at 50% – 60%.

The sudden cold and sudden heat do great harm to the floor
In the process of floor heating, sudden cooling and sudden heating will cause damage to the floor. Experts suggest that the geothermal opening and closing process should be gradual, temperature rise and drop will affect the life of the floor.

Note: When using geothermal heating for the first time, attention should be paid to slow heating. If the heating is too fast, the floor may crack and twist due to expansion. “And the use of geothermal heating, the surface temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, at this time the room temperature in the body’s most suitable ambient temperature below 22 degrees Celsius, floor life can also be guaranteed.” Experts also said that when the weather is warming and indoor heating is no longer needed, attention should be paid to shutting down the geothermal system slowly, not to drop abruptly, otherwise it will also affect the life of the floor.

Post time: Jun-13-2022