How to choose wood floor for new house decoration?

How to choose wood floor for new house decoration?

New house decoration to buy floors, is it really a good-looking floor to buy back, in fact, we still have to consider whether the floors they look at and home decoration style and color match, but also according to the actual situation of their own home to choose suitable floors, wood flooring manufacturers and you say some things to pay attention to.

Lighting in the living room
Lighting in the bedroom can also limit the choice of floor color. A room with good lighting can choose a larger range, and dark and light colors can be controlled. For rooms with lower floors and insufficient lighting, attention should be paid to selecting flooring materials with higher brightness and more suitable color, and to avoid using materials with darker colors as much as possible.

Floor color matching
The color of the ground is to set off the color of furniture, and the decoration of the ground belongs to long-term decoration, which will not be changed frequently under normal circumstances, so we should consider many factors when choosing. Among them, natural color and neutral color have always been the mainstream color, but if matched properly, dark color and light color can achieve the desired effect.

The size of the building area
As we all know, color will affect people’s visual effect. Warm tone is expansion color, cold tone is contraction color. Therefore, the small area of the room floor to choose dark tones of cold color, will make people feel large area, if the choice of warm color floor will make the space more narrow, increase the sense of depression. In addition, in the choice of flooring patterns, should be inclined to small texture or straight effect, to avoid large and disorderly patterns.

Grey white series is recommended
Nowadays, many families like to use white flooring, hoping to have a quiet home atmosphere, here are still suggestions, the best use of gray series and so on. The lighter color, easy to give people a sense of tranquility, will not cause the wall color heavy floor color light “head heavy foot light”.

Do you remember these four points? I hope you can choose the right floor according to the actual situation of your house.

Post time: Jun-13-2022